AdBlue® / DEF / ARLA 32

Climate change is one of the most serious environmental threats facing the world today.

Intelligent AdBlue Usage Management System

Nova has introduced a new innovative service plan in light of the traditional filling equipment in the past, designed and marketed the “smart tank filling system i-Depot”.

i - Blending System

The present invention relates to a manufacturing intelligent and high efficiency method of AdBlue® / DEF / ARLA 32 ,which used for diesel engine vehicle,

La urea (fertilizante / Industrial / Aplicación Automotive)

NOVAX Urea proveedor (N46) para el fertilizante / aplicación industrial / automotriz. Debido a NOVAX había focued en el campo de AdBlue para mucho tiempo,

IBC-Intermediate Bulk Container

With safety, economy, and environment protection. Modern warehousing, transportation of liquid products the necessary tools.

SCR / SNCR Prevention of Pollution Sources

Urea is the largest consumable in SCR / SNCR equipment, and its cost of consumption directly affects the overall benefit assessment of denitrification system (De-NOx).

DeSOx, Scrubber, IMO2020 Low sulfur Diesel、氫氧化鈉、氫氧化鈉溶液 50%、NaOH、 NaOH Solution 50%、Caustic Soda Solution 50%、 液鹼、鹼液、固鹼、鹼廠、燒鹼、火鹼、苛性鈉、苛性鹼、苛性蘇打水、 氢氧化钠溶液、液碱、碱液、固碱、碱厂、烧碱、火碱、苛性钠、苛性碱、苛性苏打水、 NA-L 50%、NA-L 45%、NA-L 32%、 Lye or Sodium Hydroxide 50%、Liquid Caustic Soda 50%、impure caustic soda、soda harsh、 Formosa ISO 9001、ISO9001 證照、DG UN 1824 、Formosa Plastics Corporation





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