01 Feb 2023
New Record High in Single-Month Sales! NOVAX AdBlue® Sales Exceeds 1,900 Kiloliters

NOVAX Material & Technology Inc. delivers another good news. In December 2022, the sales of NOVAX AdBlue® exceeded 1,900 kiloliters, and the monthly sales once again set a new record high.
NOVAX is the first company in Taiwan to invest in the manufacturing and marketing of Automotive Grade Urea Solution for Vehicles (AdBlue®/DEF/AUS32). It is also the first company to obtain the dual certifications of QMC of the VDA: German Association of the Automotive Industry and API: American Petroleum Institute, certificate, also obtained dual certifications of ISO 9001 and 14001. The product quality has also passed the SGS tests. Not only is the quality and safety guaranteed, but it is also widely used by local gas station all over Taiwan, providing the best choice for diesel car/truck owners. The AdBlue® produced by NOVAX Taiwan has also been successfully sold to 26 countries around the world. NOVAX certainly can be called the light of Taiwan.
In order to facilitate the purchase of high-quality urea solution AdBlue® for diesel vehicles in Taiwan, NOVAX plans to reach a total of 500 filling stations in Taiwan by 2024 to provide convenient services of high-quality urea for vehicles, while hoping to contribute to environmental protection and give the earth a clean future. A blue sky and green land are the natural environment that people yearn for, and it is also the commitment by NOVAX Material & Technology Inc. to protect the environment for the earth we live on. NOVAX will continue to actively develop innovative technologies and optimize services, aiming at Asia and marketing the world.