08 Sep 2023
NOVAX MVR evaporator - low cost wastewater improvement technology

With the stricter implementation of discharge water discharge standards this year, if the discharge of wastewater exceeds the discharge water standard, according to Article 37 of the Penalties in Chapter Four of the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law: Committing the crimes of Article 34 and the previous article or discharging waste ( If the polluted water exceeds the discharge standard and thus causes death, the person shall be sentenced to life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment of more than seven years, and may also be fined up to NT$30 million; if serious injury is caused, the sentence shall be fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years. A fine of up to NT$25,000,000 may be imposed in addition to a fine of up to NT$25,000,000; a person who causes harm to human health, causes disease or seriously pollutes the environment shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than one year but not more than seven years, and may also be subject to a fine of up to NT$20,000,000. Faced with increasingly stringent standards, various businesses have checked their own wastewater treatment equipment to meet the regulatory standards. However, due to the limitations of the wastewater treatment equipment itself, some operators began to look for new equipment to meet the needs of the site.

The NOVAX MVR evaporator is different from the previous large-scale water treatment equipment, but the innovative distillation technology developed by the team, just like sludge requires a sludge compressor to press out the sludge filtrate, which is indispensable to reduce the waste liquid produced by the process Distillation equipment is a distillation technology to concentrate the waste liquid, and recover high-temperature steam as the heat source of the equipment during the distillation process to reduce energy consumption. The characteristics of NOVAX MVR mechanical distillation are 3 low, low energy consumption, low cost, and low pollution. All of them are made in Taiwan, and the equipment maintenance is fast, ensuring that customers will not have equipment failures and cannot find someone to repair.
After the tightening of waste water control, related industries have insufficient treatment capacity for ammonia nitrogen, boron waste water or electroplating waste liquid, and NOVAX MVR evaporator plays a key role in solving this kind of waste water for the industry, most of which are limited by the space of water treatment equipment. The NOVAX MVR evaporator has the advantages of small size, and achieves energy saving effect and waste water improvement. Although multi-stage evaporators can improve energy utilization efficiency, they are no longer in line with economic benefits due to energy saving and carbon reduction and the development of new technologies. The development of MVR mechanical distillation is the focus of waste water reduction in the future environmental protection industry. NOVAX MVR The evaporator looks forward to cooperating with related industries in Taiwan to jointly move towards the goal of "zero discharge of wastewater" in the industry and achieve resource sustainability.