06 Apr 2020
How to be a winner in your life? Yang Lian-Chih Chairman gives a lecture in his alma mater Tunghai University Dept. of Chemical Engineering.


New term, new atmosphere.! Even though the COVID-19 epidemic serious, there are still many participants, Yang Lian-Chih Chairman is the 27th outstanding alumnus in the Tunghai University, he encourages students to grasp students period, with a positive learning attitude and innovative spirit, and he shares his life experience, how to be a winner in your life
Tunghai University is a university that combines humanities, professionalism, localization, internationalization, master gathering, innovation, and sustainability.
Special invitation Yang Lian-Chih chairman of NOVAX Materials Technology to give a lecture in his alma mater. The lecture title of "How to Become a Winner in your Life", he shares his life experience, and why he gives up the high salary of foreign businessmen. Since he is 39 years old, he has been finding his dreams.
From the initial failure to success, his purpose is " Cleaning Air is Our Mission!", he must to be implemented. Reducing NOx emissions by nearly 18,000 MT for the earth last year. It's amazing! Yang Lian-Chih chairman 's wonderful sharing received an enthusiastic response from the teachers and students.
From Chairman Yang Lian-Chih, the four key becomes a winner:
•    Compelling Desire
•    Solid Belief
•    Effective Action
•    Iron Will