21 Dec 2019
Hold the Chinese Leadership Association handover ceremony on 21 Dec 2020.
The Chinese Leadership Association handover ceremony for the 6th and 7th Board of Director's handover of new supervisors the ceremony held on Dec 21, 2020.
Formally complete the handover with under the witness Zhuang Xiu-mi   ( Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan Secretary ), and invited Ye Yunlong (Small and Medium Enterprise Administration Ministry of Economic Affairs, Former Director)Founding Chairman Chen Ze-min and Current Chairman Shen Rong-xian (Taichung, Association Leader of Small & Medium Enterprise) Huang Yong-Zhen (Industrial Development Promotion Committee, Vice-Executive Secretary)  Congratulations and speeches from many guests.



第六屆理事長姚小喬。 楊連基/攝影
第六屆理事長姚小喬。 楊連基/攝影


INCHIAO Corp. Chairman Yao Xiao-Qiao assume the office of the Chinese Leadership Association 6th board of Director's, In the speech, She said the Chinese Leadership Association is a high-quality society, through interactive discussions and share the successful experience, establishes the spirit of long-life learning, promote member for the business capability.


第七屆理事長楊聯智。 楊連基/攝影
第七屆理事長楊聯智。 楊連基/攝影


NOVAX Corp. Chairman Yang Lian-Chih assume the office of the Chinese Leadership Association 7th board of Director's, In the speech, he said he wish he can help everyone effectively, holds the spirit of Mr. Kazuo InamorRespect the Divine and Love People, Dedicated to society, with an innovative and dedicated attitude to development. In 2020, will arrange a lot of visits and introduction the different company, improve mutual learning among members, he hopes the society will be Mutual benefit, environmental protection, cultural and creative public welfare the plan in the future establishes which can continue the tradition and have innovative thinking for Chinese Leadership Association.
After the handover, the 6th and 7th directors will respectively present certificates of appreciation and letters of appointment to the supervisors of the previous and current term.

第六、七屆理事長與各理監事合影。 楊連基/攝影
第六、七屆理事長與各理監事合影。 楊連基/攝影


About The Chinese Leadership Association 
The Chinese Leadership Association before is the Chinese Enterprise Leaders Association, The main members are the SMEs Business Leaders Research Seminar organized by the Ministry of Economy and SMEs in 1991, Approximately 120 business leaders each year, So far, there are more than 700 students, Become the best of the best,
In addition to making friends (praise and encouragement), making love (learning and growth), making good profits (caring and gratitude), we will improve together. I hope that excellent business leaders will come together
The main purposes of the establishment are:
(1) Cooperation among members.
(2) Enhance business exchanges between enterprises.
(3) Friendship, reciprocity, growth, value, innovation.
(4) Improve the operating capabilities of member companies.
(5) Combining various resources between enterprises to assist the development of member enterprises.