09 Apr 2020
Congratulations! ! NOVAX merger revenue reached $38 million in March 2020 , record high in a single month.

The global automotive UREA market is highly competitive. Due to NOVAX development in the global market properly, NOVAX provides stable quality of UREA materials and affordable prices.
In March, The main contribution sits from the sales of UREA material from foreign oil companies, order volume 2000MT reaches a record high. The domestic part, have been established more than 150 gas stations, even though the COVID-19 epidemic serious. At the same time, due to since the end of last year, there has been a drop in international urea prices, NOVAX profit has increased significantly. In March, the total operating income over than NTD 38,000,000, becoming the highest monthly turnover record in history!
 This year is very important for NOVAX. Not only overall market demand expands, the market share will exceed 55%, which differentiation between with the industry. In addition to having sufficient production capacity to customers from all over the world, we are constantly actively improving the function optimization of i-Depot intelligent function, concatenation AdBlue supply chains, and building a Global Green Channel. By innovative technologies and optimization services actions, NOVAX is ready for the next market growth opportunities.
Mr. Yang Lianzhi, chairman of the board, he optimistically said that will growth 20% in 2020. NOVAX is the first AdBlue production company in Taiwan, we have the dual certification Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) and the American Petroleum Institute (API). And obtained ISO 9001 & 14001 certification. Due to stable quality and fast supply efficiency, we have been established 26 distribution points worldwide, the range from east to Dubai, west to Americas, north to Japan, and south to Australia and South America. NOVAX is the global service. In addition to thanking colleagues for their hard work and the support of global customers, this result is also God ’s instruction and love, adhering to  concept of Kazuo Inamori and respecting lover, we will continue to serve as NOVAX ’s mission and operating principle