09 Dec 2020
Congratulations!!!! NOVAX’s own laboratory has officially passed ISO17025 certification dedicated for ISO22241.
Congratulations to NOVAX’s own Laboratory
In December of year/2020
 NOVAX is the first own lab is authorized ISO17025 certification laboratory by TAF (National Certification Foundation) , which is dedicated for ISO22241 (Grade of Urea Solution for Vehicles)

In order to upgrade the quality of test method and profession of our lab report, to enhance our international visibility by Taiwan brand, NOVAX Materials & Technology applied for ISO17025 laboratory certification and obtained accreditation this year, officially becoming the only one own laboratory in Taiwan even in Asia Pacific that use ISO22241-2 standard test method with guarantee of ISO17025 for grade of urea solution for vehicles. 

Chairman Lian-Zhi, Yang said, that the ISO17025 accreditation represents that NOVAX and Taiwan be endowed with experimental capabilities internationally and professionally. 

In contrast to current chaos and incorrect test result by various own labs of AdBlue players in global, it is an important milestone for the quality of AdBlue testing. NOVAX Materials & Technology will keep enhancing high quality and professional services and promoting based in Taiwan to the world. We’d make more efforts for environmental protection continously.

TAF is a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), so receiving the certificate by TAF is equivalent to obtaining international certification!